Pitch Events

DBA offers two types of pitch events...

We hold a minimum of four Pitch Presentation Evening and Investors’ Dinners each year.  The events offer extensive opportunities for networking with Dorset Business Angels, Investors, and our extended network, before and after the pitch session.

Entrepreneurs present their pitch deck in a 10 minute presentation, then a 5 minute Q & A session with them follows. Entrepreneurs leave the room and the Investors’ discuss the opportunity for a further 5 minutes, at this point interest from Investors is registered. Any interest gained during the evening is shared privately with the Entrepreneurs straight away, similarly if there is no interest, brief feedback will be given.

The events are held in Bournemouth and follow this programme:

5.30pm:      Reception drinks and networking

6.15pm:      DBA Chair welcome and sponsor presentation

6.30pm:      Entrepreneurs pitch presentations

8.30pm:      2 course dinner with wine and coffee

9.30pm:      Event closes

Note: Entrepreneurs are only required to attend for their presentation slot.

Entrepreneurs- further information can be found here

Investors – read about the benefits of membership here.

Our Virtual Pitch Events/Offers run throughout the year and offer Investors the opportunity to consider investments outside of our Pitch Presentation Evenings. We started these in response to the Covid challenge, and they were a great success. We will run them in future as an additional showcase for pitches, as well as our face-to-face Investors’ Dinners.

The Virtual Pitch Event takes place by video conference and is facilitated by a DBA Director.

We follow a similar format to our Pitch Presentation Evenings (see above); each Entrepreneur is invited to provide a 10 minute live presentation, followed by a 5 minute Q & A session with Investors, after which they leave the event and a discussion between Investors takes place, any interest is registered at this point.  Entrepreneurs receive feedback following the virtual event.

Note: Entrepreneurs need only attend the event for their presentation slot.

Entrepreneurs- further information can be found here

Investors – read about the benefits of membership here.

Our most recent Virtual Pitch Event was on October 12th.

The presentations were as follows.

Interior Design

Interior Design

This local Company has built a platform that has proved to be very successful in appealing to customers seeking help and guidance when undertaking the often daunting task of renovating and furnishing their own home.

The Company is now the most reviewed interior designer in the UK and has been rated the No.1 Design Professional, 3 years running, on the World’s leading platform for home renovations.

The business is scaling up rapidly with sales up 43% in the last financial year, and despite the current Covid-19 situation, sales to-date this year are up 80%. The platform has proved popular with both clients and suppliers, to the extent that a ‘white label’ version is to be launched to further increase both revenue and margin.

The Directors now seek £250K to expand the team, upgrade the platform, grow B2C customers and recruit designers onto a subscription model for access to the SaaS platform.

Football Talent Spotting

Football Talent Spotting

An app for young football players, with personalised content, free to join. They are invited to showcase their talent, by uploading a video which is then analysed using AI technology to find out if they are good enough to make it at a professional level. This solution was a result of the founders of the Company meeting with many top coaches and managers. They realised that the way football searches for new talent globally is ‘very narrow and archaic’.

The Directors seek to raise £2.6M for a 20% stake, plus a 10% annual pre-dividend profit share.

Classic Cars

One of the biggest challenges for the owner of a classic car is using it enough to justify the upkeep. Current research indicates that 57% of all historic vehicles are used less than 10 times per year. On the other hand, 5 times as many people aspire to drive a classic vehicle, without having to bear the costs of storage and maintenance. This Company bridges this gap and are the only provider of self-drive classic car hire, excluding chauffer driven hire.

Having secured specialist insurance terms, the Company launched its platform 2 weeks before the CV-19 restrictions on travel were imposed, but has already attracted over 100 cars and 400 users to the site.

The Directors are now looking to raise £100K to scale up the business.

Electron Source Technology

This Company has made a fundamental breakthrough in Electron Source Technology, which is used in a wide range of applications, notably Satellite Propulsion, 3D Printing, Advanced Metrology Systems and High-Power, High Frequency Communication Systems, to name but a few. Their equipment, which is fully patented, offers 10x better performance than any other solution in use today. They have no close competitors that can approach the performance of their products and the technical barriers to entry are high.

Having raised £2.8M to-date in previous rounds, the Directors now seek a further 5-700K to complete the development program, after which negotiations with interested industrial partners can commence. First device sales are forecast in 2022.

Grill Technology

This company pitched to DBA in 2019 and return with a one-off, highly discounted share offer for DBA members.

They are a small British manufacturer with 18 employees and are based in Cambridgeshire. The grill is now in its 3rd generation and they have sold over 2000 grills in the UK alone. Much has happened since they pitched in 2019, including year on year sales growth of 142%.