Pitch Event

Our February 10th event pitches

The five presentations were as follows:

Marine Navigation Equipment

Marine Navigation Equipment

Millions of today’s leisure sailors struggle with navigation; the process is cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone. The Company’s founder, an experienced round the world sailor, realised there is a huge gap in what is offered today, when it comes to navigational aids and tools. Whilst there are a number of sophisticated apps and tools available, none of them combine all the required calculations in one easy to use solution. With more than 20,000 sailors now using the platform, the Company seeks £300K of funding complete the current round in order to increase its marketing spend and take the business to the next level.

Childrens' Outdoor Clothing Retailer

Retail Sector

Established in 2002, this online retailer of children’s outdoor clothing was incorporated into a retail group as part of its expansion. The Company stocks a range of clothing and footwear for children aged from 6 months to 14 years. The brand portfolio consists of over 50 of the best brands from around the world, selling over 1300+ outdoor wear products and offering an unsurpassed choice to its customers. It is now seeking £250K of additional growth capital.

Commercial Drone Applications

Commercial Drone Applications

DBA has invested in a previous round with this Company, who return to update the members and launch a further round of funding. The Company has continued to develop its technology over the past couple of years and has a CAA licence to operate its equipment.

Its drones can fly for 24 hours or more and provide a platform for multiple applications. Specially designed, interchangeable, multifunctional payload ‘pods’ are offered which can meet many operational requirements.

The Company now seeks 300K for sales and marketing costs and system builds for the day rental market.

Airborne Asbestos Alert Technology

Health & Safety Sector

Established in 2017, this Company manufactures the world's first and only real-time warning devices for airborne asbestos – the world’s biggest occupational killer.  Their vital early warning technology is incorporated into their monitors, that help reduce the risk of prolonged exposure, reduce costly project delays and improve asbestos safety in the workplace.

This equipment the only reliable real-time monitor that provides an immediate alarm and general fibre count, (with a post event downloadable data report) ,when asbestos containing materials have been disturbed and their toxic fibres released into the air.

They now seek £1M to take them through to established revenues over the next 18 months.

Sustainable Commercial Forest Plantations

Sustainability Sector

Forests are shrinking with an estimated loss of 13 million hectares per annum. This Company specialises in creating native forests, planting small, medium and large commercial woodland all over the world.

The company has been contracted to work on numerous projects for The Environment Agency, The Forestry Commission and HS2 Woodlands. They also offer innovative, simple, sustainable solutions for corporate clients, which support their CSR responsibilities. They are currently seeking £500K from a combination of Angel and Crowd-Funding investors.

The event also included a short presentation from DBA Director, Peter Eales with details of a new event we are running in March 2020 - Become a Dorset Business Angel Investor – legal, tax & investment FAQs.

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