Pitch Event

Our June pitches

The first two pitch presentations are confirmed as follows;

Wellness Sector

Wellness Sector

Founded in January 2018, this Company has developed a predictive model for large corporates aimed at identifying ‘burn-out’ in the workplace. The model is currently being assessed by a multi-national organisation in a research pilot study that is looking for ‘burn-out trends in 6000 employees based in the UK and North America. Discussions are also underway with other potential commercial and academic partners. The Company is now seeking funding of £350K to develop the SaaS platform further, which in turn will generate strong annual repeatable revenues.

Care in the Home Sector

Care in the Home Sector

This Company’s technology replaces the old ‘red-button’ alert pendants used by the elderly, to report an accident in the home. This system is designed to shorten fall discovery times from hours to just minutes and provides ongoing fall prevention by using AI algorithms. The Company is seeking a second seed funding round of £260K to embark on a data collection pilot with a large local authority trading company.

Pitch 3 to be confirmed soon

Pitch 4 to be confirmed soon

Pitch 5 to be confirmed soon

Sponsor Presentation

The evening will begin with a presentation from one of our sponsors.