Surrey Investors Club with A5K 06 December 2016, call for candidates

The next meeting of Surrey Investors Club will again be held at Camberley Heath Golf Club on Tuesday 06 December 2016. It will be chaired by Simon Hulme.

I would appreciate if you could indicate attendance by following this link

I would welcome volunteers to assist with selection (please see below and let me know)

This will be a joint meeting with our friends from A5K

With our continued close collaboration we will make this a joint meeting of the two clubs. We will also extend an invitation to Kent Investors Network, Dorset Business Angels and others we work closely with, by forwarding this message. To allow for travel we will start the meeting 30 minutes later than usual (10:00 coffee for 10:30 start), lunch at 13:30

Special Festive Lunch

We will ask attendees to contribute the usual £10 cash on the day towards lunch but this time we will enjoy a full three course festive sit down lunch.

Candidate Companies.

I would be grateful if you could advise us of any companies that you have seen that you feel may be appropriate for our audience. We are a carrying forward a number of recent suggestions, but it is worth ensuring these are flagged to him. Simon will be assisted by Emma Fadlon in preparing the selection.

Please forward suggestions to myself, Simon and Emma (all cc’d on the message)

Selection process.

Emma will assist in collating information, seeking additional information from companies and prepare a “long list”

A panel of members will review the application profiles and discuss the merits for inclusion on the agenda.
The chairman will then decide on which companies to invite.

This process will take the full burden off the chairman, give a consensus on choice, and simplify the handover between chairman of one meeting and the next. It also simplifies the passing of opportunities between SIC and A5K, where the respective chairmen also share views on candidates.

Several members have already volunteered to be part of the review panel and I would welcome assistance in this. It is an activity that can be done from home or a travelling laptop. Please let me know if would like to help with this.

Guests are always welcomed to our group; if you know of someone who might enjoy attending please (a) forward this message or let me know; (b) ask them to compete the Doodle Poll and (c) copy me so I can add them to the distribution list for the agenda.

Further dates for your diary are:

2017 dates yet to be scheduled

Pre-reading material

Once the selection has been made the agenda will be circulated together with pre-reading materials.

Tony Carter

Surrey Investors Club

07801 257705


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