Silicon South Launches Mission ’21

Silicon South our partner, has launched MISSION ’21.

Silicon South is a network that exists to raise the recognition, ambition and capabilities of the people and companies in the Digital, Creative and Tech sector in Dorset. Dorset Business Angels attended the launch event for MISSION ’21 this week on Zoom along with key players across Dorset. Anthony Story CEO, launched a series of initiatives including funding, marketing, research and mentoring – all part of what he called a “Big Vision.”

Anthony said,

“Sitting in the middle, Silicon South sees the amazing talent all around. We’re happy to provide support, as usual, but right now there’s a unique opportunity for the sector to come together, support each other and ride out the stormy economic climate. The aim will be to emerge stronger, fitter and ready to take on the world – whatever it looks like.”

Anthony explained the background. In March they were ready to roll- out plans following strategy discussions at the beginning of the year. Then came Covid-19. However, after 2 months, things have begun to settle. Even so, who can predict the future? Could there be a second wave? And there may be little chance of “normality” before 2021. Currently cash is king, and everyone has to look after themselves.

Now, the excellent news is that there is European funding secured after 9 months discussions.

So how will things look in 2021? It is impossible to know. We do not want to over or under promise.

So best the thing is to focus on survival for the short term. Make sure the Bournemouth cluster can survive, absorb, plan, be bold – not reckless but as an ex-SAS speaker recently said: the S.A.S.’s unofficial motto, “Always a little further” — a line from James Elroy Flecker’s 1913 poem “The Golden Journey to Samarkand.” The motto was painted on the front of Worsley’s sled, and he murmured it to himself like a mantra: “Always a little further …” And what we want to aim for, is to Survive, Revive and Thrive.

Anthony went on to give more detail.

Direct Support for Business


£1,000-£5,000 match funded growth business working with Dorset Growth Hub. Grants cover 25% of your project cost up to £5,000 max.

Basic criteria:

  • You must be a Dorset based business
  • You must not have received grant funding from either Silicon South or Dorset Growth Hub since 2017
  • You may have received other support
  • You must be able to spend the full grant total before the end of June 2020 (for this initial round of grants) – the grant will be reimbursed to you upon completion of all the project spend
  • The full project budget MUST ONLY pay for external costs i.e. – specialist equipment, consultancy fees etc. You CANNOT spend any of the budget of PAYE staff
  • You must provide bank statements and invoices as proof of all project-related spend prior to the grant being released to you
  • You will need to fill in a few forms (sorry!) but please don’t apply if you aren’t happy to do this – we will help guide you through it!


An Extensive Network

Silicon South’s Map and database – formerly it cost for people to go on it, short term it is FREE:

  • You can add articles, videos, stories, and events to the website.
  • Search for specialists and partners.

Visit the Directory here.

To login and register visit here.

Bring Your Own Lunch

In the new paradigm created by Covid-19, Silicon South will be offering advice and events from experts which will deal with issues including:

  • How to reach clients
  • The future of office space
  • International ambitions
  • The future of employment
  • Sharing office space with reduced future capacity

Other innovative programmes can be found on their website including:

  • Meet the Buyer
  • Mentoring

Some of the core work as part of their mission include:

  • Skills, Talent & Lobbying
    • Skills development groups
    • Nurturing new talent
    • Pathway for Placement
  • Lobbying for grants
  • Career Development Groups
  • Keeping in Touch
    • E-news
    • Social
    • Local news

To find out more about Silicon South, visit their website here.


Our Pitch Events

There are four pitch events per year, in 2024 they will be held in February, May, September and November. Hosted at a Bournemouth hotel or virtually via Zoom.

At each pitch event, there will be 5 business presentation pitches of 10-15 minutes, to suit all investor appetites. These will be selected by the Dorset Business Angels directors nearer to the event. Short summaries will be posted to our Events page and distributed via our newsletter ahead of the event. Each pitch includes a Q&A session and is followed by an investor debate, held privately.

These pitches and our other social events are ideal opportunities for networking and learning about what is new and trending in a variety of industries. If you would like to be involved you can find out more on our Investors Membership page.

Our Next Pitch Event

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