DBA embarks on a specific and targeted project to increase its membership diversity.

Research into Women in Angel Investing conducted since 2018 has the objective of increasing the number of women business angels.

The proportion of women angel investors across Europe is very low compared to their male counterparts and there is a vital untapped source of equity finance to support the growth of entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs.

The research showed that many women cited the lack of access to angel investing groups that were female-friendly, and the diversity of investor groups – was more important than women only.

The concept of a dedicated national or regional level forum for women offering peer to peer support and exchanging experiences on angel investing was felt by many to be more useful than encouraging women-only investing groups.

The objective

DBA has committed to the UK Business Angels Association backed objective with the aim of encouraging more female investors into angel investing with DBA.

Jenny Tooth OBE
Jenny Tooth OBE

With the support of Jenny Tooth OBE, CEO of UKBAA, DBA will deliver a 3 stage education and awareness programme culminating in a female focus pitch event – women entrepreneurs pitching to women investors, supported by existing DBA experienced investors.

  • Stage 1 – A-Z of Angel Investing, webinar hosted by Jenny Tooth OBE.
  • Stage 2 – Meet the DBA team, a chance to meet some of the directors and to ask questions in an informal setting.
  • Stage 3 – A Female Focus Pitch Event – female entrepreneurs pitching to female investors.

Our aim is to integrate new female investors into our existing forum.

Our target is to increase our present female membership to around 20% of total membership in the next 24 months, with scope to increase further beyond that. This project is about kickstarting that initiative by increasing our visibility and promoting our accessibility for women investors.

DBA commitment

  • We will fully support women in their journey towards angel investment
  • We will provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to all members
  • We will increase understanding among members about how women and men might differ in their angel investing approach
  • We will ensure a balanced representation of pitches that are appealing to all members

Women angel investors: Key facts

  • Women who founded at least one business were more likely to be aware of or get involved in angel investing
  • Financial capacity and disposable wealth have some influence on women’s decision to be an angel investor
  • Women angels are backing a wide range of industry sectors from deep tech to food with significant focus on making a social impact
  • There is a strong propensity for women investors to back women-led businesses
  • However, the women angel market lacks maturity with many women have made only a small number of investments – and only a small proportion of the women investors have an investment portfolio or track record
  • Many women are not committing much finance annually to angel investing
  • Many women investors were not investing in syndicates, potentially reflecting a lack of opportunity to join women-friendly groups, or the lack of understanding about the opportunity to invest in syndicates to mitigate risk and pool finance and skill
  • Many women angels are not investing as part of an angel syndicate or networks which may account for lower levels of investment being made
  • It is significant that the majority of women angel investor respondents reported that they mainly invested alone (54%) rather than as a part of a business angel syndicate or network (46%)
  • The data also shows that those women who usually invest as part of an angel group have tended to make a higher number of angel investments (though a low correlation of 13%)

It is widely understood that investing in angel syndicates increases the potential to become an active angel investor, enabling peer support and learning, increased access to deal flow, opportunity to share risks, share due diligence and pool investment capability, notably enabling the development of a portfolio of investments.

The A-Z of Angel Investing kicks off this initiative for DBA and will take place on May 18th, to book through Eventbrite, please follow this link.

The event will be delivered via Zoom, incorporating expert professional partner advice and inputs from our Sponsors:

Investec Wealth & Investment: Want to know how much you could commit to Angel Investing? Can you retire early? Will I have an Inheritance Tax liability? Financial Planning Director, Amanda Cook, will explain how Financial Planning at Investec aligns your needs, your values and your personal goals with every aspect of your finances to give you a complete picture of where you are now, and where you can get to in the future..

Following Amanda, you will hear from Senior Investment Director, Hannah Dampney, on how she works with Financial Planners to take into consideration a complete financial situation to tailor a bespoke portfolio to meet clients exact, yet flexible, requirements and attitude to risk. If you are, or are looking to become an Angel Investor, Hannah will explain how that will be allowed for when constructing your portfolio.*

Ellis Jones Solicitors: Partner, Kate Brooks will discuss how partnering with a trusted legal team is essential as an angel investor.

Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants: Partner, Liz Brierley will give a presentation about how important it is ‘Having the right team with you on your journey.

* The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. Your capital may be at risk. The content of the presentation will not constitute a formal recommendation or personal advice and no action should be taken, or not taken, on account of the information provided.

Jenny Tooth will be in conversation with Bridget Connell – “Bridget Connell started investing after a corporate career including stints at logistics giant DHL and mobile phone operator Telefonica. She is a board advisory to early-stage businesses and a senior executive coach. Her work with women entrepreneurs has been featured in The Sunday Times and Coaching at Work Magazines.”

A-Z of Angel Investing – May 18th 2021, Event Schedule

10:00  Welcome from Don McQueen, DBA Chairman

10:05  Liz Brierley, Saffery Champness – Having the right team with you on your angel investing journey

10:15  Jenny Tooth OBE, CEO of UKBAA – Main Presentation – A-Z of Angel Investing

11:15  Jenny Tooth in conversation with Bridget Connell, experienced female investor –  ‘My journey and approach as a female investor

11:30  Kate Brooks, Ellis Jones Solicitors – How partnering with a trusted legal team is essential as an angel investor

11:35  Amanda Cook & Hannah Dampney of Investec – How working with a financial planner aligns your needs

11:40  Q & A session with all presenters taking part

11:55  Closing words from Peter Eales, DBA Director

12:00  Event close

Further reading into the research of this project can be found here on the UKBAA website.


Our Pitch Events

There are four pitch events per year, in 2024 they will be held in February, May, September and November. Hosted at a Bournemouth hotel or virtually via Zoom.

At each pitch event, there will be 5 business presentation pitches of 10-15 minutes, to suit all investor appetites. These will be selected by the Dorset Business Angels directors nearer to the event. Short summaries will be posted to our Events page and distributed via our newsletter ahead of the event. Each pitch includes a Q&A session and is followed by an investor debate, held privately.

These pitches and our other social events are ideal opportunities for networking and learning about what is new and trending in a variety of industries. If you would like to be involved you can find out more on our Investors Membership page.

Our Next Pitch Event

Takes place on February 5th 2024 and is open to Members and High Net Worth/Sophisticated Investors from our wider community. 

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