October 4th, 2021 Pitch Event

DBA Pitch Event
Our next Pitch Event will be on Monday, October 4th 2021, in Bournemouth.

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The pitch summaries for our October 4th face to face event are as follows.


Market sector: Internet of Things (IoT)

The ‘smart’ home market continues to grow rapidly in the UK, Europe, and the US, but the market for outdoor automation is lagging behind the home automation market by about eight years.

Outdoor lighting installation companies in Europe and the US are receiving more and more requests to install ‘smart’ outdoor systems, but don't have access to a suitable product that is reliable, made for the outdoors and flexible enough to deal with large projects. To try and meet the demand, installers are currently installing non-smart outdoor controllers or trying to make indoor smart products work in an outdoor environment, both of which result in call-backs for maintenance work, which in turn costs them time and money.

This Company which was formed in 2019 has patents that cover the technology that will allow them to enable scenarios that are only just starting to be imagined. Their core product is a secure, connected controller device that uses both responsive and predictive inputs, including multi-person movement data, to control a wide variety of third-party outdoor devices, from lighting to gates and from irrigation to hedge-trimmers.

They now seek an investment of £450K to bring this product to market and enable a production run in the early part of next year.

EV Propulsion for Marine Market
Market sector: EV Propulsion for Marine Market

Customer demand and government regulation are driving the petrol and diesel-powered marine industry to adopt electric propulsion.

This Company addresses the needs of OEM boat builders by offering a modern and complete package of motor, software, interface, and battery.

Their aim is to provide robust and reliable marine-electric propulsion products that feature their unique hub-less drives, which will ensure the best user experience for every customer, from paddle boarding enthusiasts to major boat manufacturers.

Founded in 2018, they now have an established and experienced team that is familiar with this rapidly moving technology and are able to provide support to a wide range of customers, products, and applications.

They have their first OEM customer secured and are in discussions with another 15 boat builders.

The management are seeking to raise £1.3M to finance the scale-up to full production.

Market sector: Wellness

Care provider organisations are desperately trying to cope with an increasing demand for care with a chronic shortage of carers. This Company’s system is designed to address this problem by allowing their customers - the caring organisations - to conduct some of their care remotely, such as welfare checks and medication reminders. For the patient, the solution also addresses the problem of isolation by allowing them to keep in contact with their loved ones.

The net result is the provision of independent living for vulnerable adults through the progressive deployment of advanced robotics and AI solutions via their care provider. This in turn means the patients can live in their own homes for longer.

During the last few months, the product has been finalised and is ready to market, a pilot study has been completed and commercial contracts have been sighed with care providers and Local Authorities.

The break-even point is expected to be reached in the next 12 months as higher volume contracts are signed with more Local Authorities and other large care provider groups

The management are seeking a further £360K to complete their £1M fundraising round.

Vegan and ‘free-from’ ready meals
Market sector: Vegan and 'Free From' Ready Meals

This Company markets a premium vegan and free-from brand producing nutritious, delicious fresh soups and ready meals. It believes that delicious, healthy, plant-based food helps people eat well and live well, and by making the entire range free from the 14 main allergens, all products are accessible to the widest audience possible.

Its long-term client base includes Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado, and the business is now raising funds to bolster the sales and marketing activities with some senior hires, plus the hire of finance and supply-chain personnel to improve the operational setup. The Directors are now seeking an investment of £1.5M to bring about these improvements.

Aviation Guidance Technology
Market sector: Aviation Guidance Technology

Future aviation real-time systems require a new generation of guidance technology. These will supersede the current manual, remotely controlled or automatic system by being autonomous. In other words, the system becomes self-controlling and is not governed or influenced by outside intervention.

Using technology originally developed at Bath University, this Company has now developed and patented a rigorous and verifiable method for representing and quantifying the risk of aircraft operations – for example, flight planning and collision avoidance in shared airspace.

Proof of concept for three different market applications is now complete and has generated significant OEM customer interest.

The management now seek a further £144K of funding to complete their current £700K round.