October 3rd 2022, Pitch Event in Bournemouth

Our next Pitch Event for Angel Investors takes place on October 3rd and will be a face to face event, held at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel.

DBA members and High Net Worth (HNW) and Sophisticated Investors (SI) from our wider community who comply with our requirement to deliver serious investor interest for our presenting entrepreneurs are welcome to attend. Access to pitch decks and one-page summaries will also be available via the Portal. Expressions of interest and questions to presenting companies will be submitted via email.

If you are HNW or SI but not a member and wish to attend, please get in contact to request access to the Pitch Portal.

To register for the event, click here.

The first 3 (of 5) pitch summaries are as follows:

Revolutionary Pollution Mask
Market Sector: Advanced Robotics

This Company specialises in robotics technology for agricultural settings. A robust vehicle utilises robotic arms with AI and a state-of-the-art navigation system.

Labour shortages during the crop-picking season mean that many farmers are having to leave their crops to rot in the fields.

To solve these labour challenges, this Company is manufacturing a range of robotic equipment that can be safely employed in agriculture alongside human pickers to harvest a variety of crops.

A spin-out from a Company that has 40 years’ experience in robotics across various industries, the management now seek £500K to complete the development work on 3 robots and become revenue generating in the next 12 months.

Healthy meals
Market Sector: Healthy Meals

This company delivers personalised, healthy and affordable ready-to-eat meals to businesses and their customers.

Over 15% of commercial kitchens have operational issues – staffing problems, food quality, health and safety issues and above all, 99% have food waste.

This Company’s solution is ‘fast meals” - meals can be reheated in just 5 minutes and have zero food waste. Fresh meals are cooked and delivered to kitchens – in turn, they just have to re-heat and serve them.

Having recently signed contracts with two major organisations, they are now seeking up to £500K to scale up the business.

Market Sector: Entertainment

By combining the functions of several apps this platform - dedicated to group bookings - aims to simplify organising nights out with friends.

This Company’s mission is to create memorable nights out for the users of its platform.

It has developed a pre-booking platform that makes group bookings simpler, less risky, and cheaper for the organiser.

The net result is that users are relieved of the stress – and expense - when bookings made through the normal channels go wrong, making the whole process less time consuming and more rewarding.

The management now seek £300K to scale up quickly across the UK.

Coming soon
Market Sector: Digital Entertainment

A digital platform bringing together elements of fan fiction, gaming, multimedia streaming and classic storytelling providing a single area to experience total story immersion.

This Company’s mission statement is to create a new digital portal where consumers of crime fiction can experience a new immersive online story.

Through the curation of creative and innovative content, delivered in a technologically enabled format, the aim is to enrich the customer’s experience of crime fiction. Once that goal has been reached, and the platform becomes firmly established, the aim is to add other genres as well.

Using a subscription-based model, monthly instalments of a story will be released, combined with a range of digitally enabled features. Management is now in the process of updating the beta-tested prototype as well as recruiting new writers and creatives. The net result will address two core customer problems:

Consumers now expect more from entertainment channels and have increasingly become engaged with the digital delivery mechanism, but the publishing industry has not kept up with these expectations.

The publishing industry’s value chain currently benefits the publishers and agents over the writers, leaving them with very low margins on sales. This platform offers writers not only a new outlet for their work, but much higher margins as well.

The Directors are now seeking £250K to expand the platform.

Digital Identity Platform
Market Sector: SaaS

This Company offers a digital identity platform; a unique opportunity for businesses to share verified company identity data quickly and securely.

One of the industry’s largest problems, is still the manual gathering, updating, and sharing of corporate information for enterprise due diligence. 

This Company provides a system that allows corporates to create a digital identity by facilitating the permission/authorised sharing of due diligence credentials that are verified and risk assessed by regulated institutions. 

Verified and validated results can be shared by the corporation with other institutions or business partners to simplify onboarding the corporation, or enabling strategic partnerships such as supply chains, to be securely established.

 Revenue generating with clients looking to streamline their due diligence assessment processes, the Company is negotiating with 3 Fintech hub-providers that will grow the customer base exponentially.

The management now seek £500K to finance the next phase of development.