June 14th, 2021 Pitch Event

Our next Online Pitch Event will be on Monday, June 14th, 2021.

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The pitch summaries for our June 14th event are as follows.


Big data
Market sector: Big Data

We are all familiar with the in-store club cards that abound in major stores and supermarkets, but there is a huge opportunity to make this ‘customer tracking’ technology available to a much wider market of retail and hospitality businesses in the UK and US, at a fraction of the cost required to support an existing national platform.

This Company now has its own platform up and running with its first client signed up and discussions are ongoing with the major credit card companies who want to move into this area of loyalty tracking. They now seek £150K to optimise their system and make it even more appealing to their potential ‘big-data’ clients.

Non-invasive Health Monitoring
Market sector: Non-invasive Health Monitoring

In many areas of medicine and healthcare, it is necessary to either contact the patient or take a blood sample in order to obtain a measurement of their health status. This Company has a non-contacting solution that simply shines light into the eye and detects the return signal in order to screen for, diagnose, and monitor some of the major chronic health conditions of our time

The company was set up in September 2019 and the two founders have 30 years of experience in medical device development. They now have a team of 25 who have developed their first product, which is scheduled to launch later this year. They believe that the revenues from this product will help them to become cash positive during 2022.

They are currently raising £2.5M to fund the development of longer-term global opportunities in this field.

Live Streaming to Global Investors
Market sector: Live streaming to Global Investors

There are over one million start-ups globally that seek Angel-funding each year. This Company has developed a platform that will host and showcase these businesses to a global audience of investors, thereby improving the probability that they will secure funding without the time, expense and effort required to undertake numerous pitches to potential investors.

They have now attracted a diversified pool of start-ups to their platform from 30+ countries and 50+ market sectors and seek £400K to be able to continue this rapid growth.

Online Tutoring
Market sector: Online Tutoring

This Company is a major provider of high-quality British education - online tutoring and e-learning - to children in China and South East Asia, where there is a huge demand for UK courses. At present, there is no other resource for parents in these countries to access a quality education service such as this.

Founded in 2004 as a ‘face-to-face’ tutoring business in London, they opened offices in Dubai in 2012 and Shanghai in 2018. Today, they have over 1500 vetted and trained tutors and a team of 75 in both London and Shanghai.

The Directors offer members exposure to this fast-growing demand for quality education and are seeking £500K, for which they will offer a 10% discount on the valuation.

Health Food
Market sector:  Health Food

Sales of Vegan and ‘free-from” products are booming, particularly in the plant-based drinks and imitation meat sectors, but there is a real lack of consumer choice in other sectors of this market. In addition, this company believes that they will be able to significantly improve the taste of some of their competitor’s products currently on sale. Their aim is to produce products that are so delicious, that you don’t have to have an allergy or be vegan to want to eat them.

Launched last December, they have already secured a listing for their chocolate bars with a national food chain and have two further snack products that have successfully completed trials and are set to be listed in July.

The Directors’ now seek £250K to introduce more new products and scale up the existing business rapidly.