February 6th 2023, Pitch Event in Bournemouth

Our next Pitch Event for Angel Investors takes place on February 6th and will be a face-to-face event, held at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel.

DBA members and High Net Worth (HNW) and Sophisticated Investors (SI) from our wider community who comply with our requirement to deliver serious investor interest for our presenting entrepreneurs are welcome to attend. Access to pitch decks and one-page summaries will also be available via the Portal. Expressions of interest and questions to presenting companies will be submitted via email.

If you are HNW or SI but not a member and wish to attend, please get in contact to request access to the Pitch Portal.

To register for the event, click here.

The pitches are confirmed as follows:

Allied health and well-being
Market Sector: Allied Health & Wellbeing

Health Tech SaaS enabled platform ready for EIS funding to match Innovate UK grant.

Dietitians, nutritionists, counsellors, therapists, coaches and more, work alone and siloed.  Their biggest worries are getting new clients and being compliant.

This platform offers a ‘business in a box’ service for health & well-being practitioners making them compliant in their client management, efficient to free up time, (up to 1 hour a day), and collaborative (able to work as a team) for an increased earning potential and improved outcomes.

They have their first paying customers, nationally recognised partners and investment from The Boost Fund and a second (invitation only) Innovate UK grant is expected in January.

DBA has access to exclusively present this opportunity. This Company is raising £450k in addition to the grant to scale a 3-rev stream business and have commitments for £200k at this stage.

Electric aircraft charging
Market Sector: Commercialisation of electric aviation

Installing and managing a network of public electric aircraft chargers at remote UK airfields.

Electric-powered aircraft are already flying. Although not yet certified for general commercial use, short-range commuting journeys will soon become a reality.

As electric aircraft increase in size and number, systems will be required to address the widespread commercialisation of electric aviation, within the commercial parameters of pre-existing general aviation business models.

This Company is planning to install and manage aircraft chargers at remote airfield sites under a monthly subscription business model, whilst offering electric aircraft for hire, training, and hour-building activities to pre-existing flying groups in localised regions. It will integrate its systems into the current commercial activities at these aerodromes, at a much reduced hourly and group subscription cost than pilots are normally used to, whilst at the same time, satisfying public demand for a green energy transition away from fossil fuels.

The management now seek a further £250K in addition to £1.25M already committed to expand the business.

Adventure Media
Market Sector: Adventure Media

Video, digital and print content creation and distribution for the adventure market.

More people than ever now engage in some sort of outdoor activity, but for the hardy types that engage in more than one activity, they can only access single-activity media content.

This company has developed a platform that addresses these issues for all brands, with their suite of services covering content production.

For the consumer, this media ecosystem is currently the only source of adventure information that caters for this need – in short, a one-stop shop for both brands and consumers. In addition, they have distributed over 100,000 print magazines worldwide and established over 100 partnerships with global brands.

They now have a comprehensive roadmap to scale up the business and seek an investment of £500K.

Investment management app
Market Sector: Online Investment Management

An app allowing users to build their own trading strategies, discover investments and access professional trading tools without any coding.

Many people employ the services of an investment manager in one of the large financial services companies to look after their investment portfolio.  Some, however, who would like to exercise more control over their portfolio, face many problems trying to combine the professional advice offered by their IFA and the accessibility provided by DIY trading apps.

This Company, founded in 2020, has devised a new wealth-tech app, primarily aimed at these investors, to give them the ability to trade commission-free on an ‘execution only’ basis. Users will be able to use a powerful toolkit, that includes investment strategies similar to a professional ‘bank grade’ approach and have full visibility and autonomy of how they were investing. The MVP is now complete, and a number of trial users are testing the app, they are able to generate personalised investment strategies and receive powerful trading analytics.  The Company now awaits regulatory approval to launch, and there are 2,500 potential users on the waiting list.

The Directors – all of whom have backgrounds in investment banking, and hedge-fund management - now seek £1M for marketing and future development.

Nutritional drinks
Market Sector: Fitness and Nutrition

Combining nutrition technology and clinical research, this company creates drinks with blends of amino acids designed to deliver functional benefits for active lifestyles.

This Company is the first to launch a nutritional drinks brand that gives customers access to the unique healing power of amino acids. They currently offer a range of 10 amino acid-based formulations, designed for targeted outcomes - function, taste, clean label & ESG.

Founded in 2017 and launched online in 2019, they now have significant traction, with sales now in excess of 10K units, and a 12% MOM average growth rate. The D2C business model gives >50% margin, with the further options of adding high-margin membership subscriptions and a media channel.

In-house manufacturing tests are underway with the aim of significantly enhancing both quality and gross margin.

Management now seeking £270K to build up the brand.