February 1st, 2021 Pitch Event

Our next Online Pitch Event will be on Monday April 26th, 2021.

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The presentations from our February 1st event were as follows.


Customer Data Processing Saas
Market sector:  Customer Data Processing SaaS

Customer data-processing is now big business and companies who choose to ignore its contribution to the success of their business do so at their peril.

These days, online customers expect a rapid response to their enquiries, their purchases, their requests for assistance, their returns and their refunds.

This Company offers its clients a platform that immediately creates a seamless customer experience easily and at scale. Formed 5 years ago with the founders own money, the Company is now employing AI techniques to further enhance the efficiency of their model, to the satisfaction of their growing client base.

They now seek £500K to further develop their model and build on their strong client base.

education providers
Market sector: Education providers

This Company is an impact-driven B2C & B2B2C education provider. Focussing on life skills that promote social and emotional well-being and dynamic thinking, the Company’s aim is to help young people to thrive in life, both at home and in their future workplaces.

By complimenting the traditional academic education with live, interactive online and offline courses for 5-13 year-olds, they help develop young people’s skills in leadership, confidence, resilience and creative problem solving.

The Directors are seeking to raise £1M to build on their early success, with the online courses, particularly in the Middle East.

Advanced composite materials
Market sector: Advanced composite materials

Metal-Matrix Composites are an advanced class of materials suitable for applications where conventional metals are expected to approach or exceed their current performance limits. In revenue and with an expanding customer base, the Company is currently focussing on the delivery of key contracts in the automotive, electrification, electric machines, defence, and aerospace sectors.

Today’s design teams are now tasked with delivering a next generation product that provides both improved product performance and capabilities, while meeting ambitious sustainability goals such as reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and less manufacturing waste. In some cases, these requirements generate conflicting challenges. The Company’s metal-matrix materials employs IP initially acquired from Qinetiq to meet, and sometimes exceed, the above pre-requisites.

They now seek an investment of £1M to expand and accelerate the distribution of their advanced materials.

healthy drink products
Market sector: Healthy drink products

This Company’s range of health drinks, contains all the nutrients necessary to produce many tasty options, without the sugar and artificial ingredients usually found in traditional soft drinks.

Their ‘health pod’ modules offer users the facility to use their home coffee machines to provide a quick and easy way to get these nutrients into a cold press juice or smoothy for around 70p per unit.

UK distribution is now ramping up with the product available in 5 supermarket chains and the Company is distributing their range door-to-door in over 50 countries. The product launches in the US in January.

They now seek up to £500K to expand their marketing presence in each territory and introduce new products next year for their Nespresso range.

Fintech Investor analysis SaaS
Market sector:  Fintech Investor Analysis SaaS

This Company has developed a platform that tracks the data performance of private, early-stage companies and gathers operational metrics.

The platform is now capable of profiling the investment readiness and business potential of start-ups and early revenue companies extremely well.

In the present pre-launch phase, the Company has 12 customers paying monthly recurring revenues and has generated 1300 worldwide data profiles that help with the investment analysis and business decision making of its current users, namely, angel investors, accelerators, funds, support organisations and consultants.

The finance-based algorithms report on critical operational metrics, company performance indicators and data business insights. The Directors now seek £150K to scale up the business and prepare the platform for launch.