April 4th 2022, Pitch Event – Bournemouth

Our most recent Pitch Event took place on, April 4th 2022 at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel.

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The pitch summaries for our April 4th in person pitch event were as follows.


Revolutionary Pollution Mask
Revolutionary Pollution Mask

Patent-pending face mask developed to combat air pollution, designed to help you move more and stay healthy.

With air pollution being declared a global health emergency by the WHO, research shows that existing pollution masks are ineffective due to poor facial sealing, and are often described as hot, uncomfortable, and embarrassing to wear.

This Company’s patent-pending mask addresses these issues with a reinvented airtight seal, highly efficient exhalation valves and a modular reusable construction. The product is made in the UK.

Launched in 2019 with grant funding and an equity investment of £180K, the Company is now in revenue, has 3,600 customers and is building up stocks of the product. It is estimated that 33% of total revenue will come from the purchase of replacement filters.

The Directors are now poised to scale up the business and are seeking £300,000 of EIS investment to fund marketing product development and recruitment.

Innovative Customer Data Capture Platform
Innovative Customer Data Capture Platform

Data from online and offline sources is captured and interpreted so that telecoms operations can optimise its use in marketing.

This Company was formed by the team that launched a Vodafone AI marketing platform in 21 European markets between 2015-2018. They have now turned their attention towards launching a similar platform for other telecom companies that aim to capture data from their subscribers in similar markets.

Ultimately, their platform will offer telecom providers in 50 countries - including mid-tier ‘Telcos’ in emerging markets – with access to an addressable market of some 550 million subscribers.

Having successfully completed their prototype build with pre-seed funding in 2021, they now seek a further investment of £1.25M – of which £950K has already been raised - to build the platform’s MVP, (minimum viable product), fill key management positions in the business on a full-time basis and become revenue generating during 2022.

Several ‘Telcos’ have already engaged with the business with a view to expanding their future data monetization opportunities when the MVP is launched mid-year.

Mental Health Support Platform
Mental Health Support Platform

Providing employees access to bespoke mental health, wellbeing resources and toolkits whenever they like.

The new home/office working environment has called for a complete re-think as to how companies manage their employee’s mental wellbeing.

This Company was formed after founders experienced difficulties in accessing mental health support.  They have now launched a platform to address this need which uses an algorithm to seek the right support for an individual by providing access to over 12,000 mental health providers.  Their view is ‘the better the match, the better the outcome’.

Following a pilot study where 93% of users found the right mental health support provider, they have now signed up 6 businesses and 2 charities.

With a considerable personal stake in the Company, the founders now seek an investment of £150K to fund the next 12-month growth plan.

Digital Passports for Healthcare Professionals
Digital Passports for Healthcare Professionals

A secure, portable digital passport for a modern healthcare ecosystem.

This Company provides a digital staff passport system for employees working in the medical services sector.

It aims to modernise the way medical services verify staff identities, qualifications, and certifications and where necessary, introduce suitable training portfolios.  It also allows employees to control their own credentials and share information on demand, thereby reducing organisation costs and wasted clinical time.  It also enables them to spend more time caring for their patients.

The Directors are now seeking £1.5M to continue the development of their platform in order to provide healthcare organisations with a GDPR compliant, remote onboarding facility, at the click of a button.

Shift Working Marketplace for Hospitality Staff
Shift Working Marketplace for Hospitality Staff

A platform designed to help employers and staff work flexibly together. Employers post shifts, staff apply, and the Company takes care of payment, payroll, and paperwork.

Hiring good people on flexible permanent contracts is always difficult, so there is a need to give them flexibility, variety, and control. This Company has developed a platform that is tech-led and ratings-driven and has proved to be more reliable than using the normal agency approach.

In revenue and seeing a 3x growth on pre-pandemic levels, they are now being trialled by several national organisations. Having recently launched in London they have achieved revenues in one month that it took 14 months to achieve in their first ‘launch’ city.

The Directors are now seeking an investment of £1M to continue the expansion of the business.

Saffery Champness
Sponsor Presentation by Saffery Champness

A brief presentation for angel investors on the importance of EIS and SEIS; an overview and update on the tax benefits and how EIS/SEIS works.