April 26th, 2021 Pitch Event

Our next Online Pitch Event will be on Monday, April 26th, 2021.

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The pitch summaries for our April 26th event are as follows.


Personal Safety Solutions
Market sector: Personal Safety Solutions

This Company offers a service that has suddenly been thrust into the limelight by a number of recent tragic events. Having received over 300K downloads in a matter of days, their mission is to offer the public at large a means to control their own personal safety.

At a time when knife crime, assaults, mugging and sexual harassment are increasing, their platform provides a map showing all the recent crime spots, so users can plan routes away from streets with regular crime histories.

The app will also scan the road ahead whilst users are walking or exercising and will alert them if they are walking towards a danger zone.

It is the management’s belief that the development and commercialisation of their platform will change the world of personal security, as currently, there are no safety apps that automatically alert people to this sort of danger. The database is updated every 3 days, which provides even greater reassurance to prospective users.

An investment of up to £750K is sought to take the Company from the current transition phase to full launch.

Education technology
Market sector: Education Technology Solutions

This Company’s ambition is to be the number one place schools go for all of their education technology.

They have a platform that is ready to support the opportunities presented by new technologies such as mixed realities, robotics and artificial intelligence. With many choices now available in a given space, knowing where to start, can be a real challenge for school leaders, especially with the backdrop of school funding issues and other priorities.

Their aim is to bring organisation and efficiency to a somewhat disparate landscape, by bringing together the very best education technology, STEM products, people and partners all under one roof.

Current forecasts show that up to 65% of jobs that today’s students will go into in the next 10 years do not yet exist -  so how do schools best prepare students for the unknown. Even now, there is a global STEM skills shortage, with employers unable to acquire the talent and skills they require to meet their present needs.

Having taken 10 years to build the business model and 3 years in since launch, with 1000+ customers, management now seek £700K to take the business to the next level.

Greetings & e-vouchers
Market sector: Greetings and e-vouchers

This Company has developed a multi-content platform to deliver a completely personalised, enhanced, international greeting and gifting experience via mobiles and tablets to any smartphone. Today, consumers look for a digital greeting and gift service that is as meaningful as a birthday card and a present, but in addition, they want convenience, quality and reliability as well.

With this market still only 5% digital, the Directors believe there is a huge opportunity to send voice messages, e-Cards, songs for the occasion, photos, selfies and e-Vouchers, all of which can be sent last-minute, or pre-scheduled for a specific day or even a specific time slot.

Having completed a prototype and with Version 2.0 - the Scalable Product – about to launch, the Company is seeking top-up funding of £400k to complete a full market regional test to optimise the marketing mix.

education providers
Market sector: Saas, Lost Property

In revenue and growing quickly, this Company’s platform offers a revolutionary solution to the ever-increasing problem of lost property, that Organisations, Companies, Clubs and Associations currently experience.

Using its platform, organisations can quickly repatriate lost items to their rightful owners, which in turn reduces the landfill environmental problem that unclaimed lost property currently causes.

By employing the latest QR code technology, which contains all the owner’s information and where to contact them, they can quickly be advised that their lost item has been found.

To date, 200 organisations have signed up and 8,000 customers have purchased the product. A new membership/subscription-based model has been completed and the backend and technical development finished and tested. It is ready to go to market in this new form.

The Directors are seeking  £300K and are offering a bonus of 10% of gross profits…pre dividend.

Digital Fund Raising
Market sector:  Digital Fund Raising

This Company ensures that charities and funders are able to replace collecting cash donations with a digital solution.

UK charities still receive over 50% of the £10B revenue in cash every year. Churches and schools find themselves in the same situation.

Existing digital fundraising platforms are, by and large, purely transactional and donations largely rely on the chance that an individual will spot a particular organisation that appeals to them.

This Company puts the organisation – their client – at the centre of everything, with an engaging and dynamic campaign page, commission only fees, plus a campaign set-up service, with ongoing monitoring and support, to maximise success. No other digital fundraising platform currently offers a service as comprehensive as this.

Contactless donation terminals are planned for later this year, making the total package a ‘one-stop shop’ for any community organisation’s digital fundraising needs.

The Directors are seeking £400K to achieve this year’s objectives.