April 17th 2023, Workshop & Pitch Event in Bournemouth

Our next Pitch Event for Angel Investors takes place on April 17th and will be a face-to-face event, held at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel.

DBA members and High Net Worth (HNW) and Sophisticated Investors (SI) from our wider community who comply with our requirement to deliver serious investor interest for our presenting entrepreneurs are welcome to attend. Access to pitch decks and one-page summaries will also be available via the Portal. Expressions of interest and questions to presenting companies will be submitted via email.

If you are HNW or SI but not a member and wish to attend, please get in contact to request access to the Pitch Portal.

Ahead of the Pitch Event, we are running an Angel Investor Workshop - for all the details click here.

To register for the workshop and/or the pitch event, click here.

The pitches are confirmed as follows:

Market Sector: Automotive: Buying & Selling Used Vehicles

An end-to-end digital marketplace that allows consumers to arrange finance, buy a car and sell their old one entirely online.

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector and a successful market exit behind them, the management of this Company plans to create an exciting new buying and selling platform.

Consumers are connected to approved car dealers, backed up by the in-house customer experience team, who will assist with all buying and selling matters, home collection, and delivery of vehicles.

The end result for the consumer is the best price with least amount of hassle for their part exchange.

Management are seeking to raise 600K to launch mid-year.

Electric Vehicle charging
Market Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging

This Company’s platform facilitates the rental of domestic EV charge points with neighbouring motorists on a regular, bookable, affordable basis.

The Government’s roll-out program for providing sufficient nationwide charging points for the rapidly growing EV market is way behind schedule. At present, only 50% of motorists owning an EV are able to install a home charging point, which severely weakens the practical and financial case for switching to an EV.

To date, a ‘Community Charging’ project, pioneered by the Company, is the only solution that provides what prospective ‘on-street’ motorists need before they can make the switch to EVs.

The hosts will set the prices based upon the number of hours that the charger is working - a typical charge session being around £15 - and £25 - and normally, taking place overnight.  The Company takes a 12% fee from the hosts.

The concept was developed and modelled in 2019 and has attracted over 13,000 subscribed users to date. Several thousand potential users are ready to sign up on delivery of their EVs - vehicles that otherwise may not have been ordered.

With several strategic investors considering a major stake in the Company, a bridging investment of £100K is required to give sufficient runway until this investment arrives in late Q2 2023.

Digital technology
Market Sector: Wearable Technology

Wearable technology benefits people with dementia, learning disabilities or traumatic brain injuries living in residential or nursing care or in the community.

This Company’s innovative AI-driven, textile-based, wearable technology is designed to improve well-being and place health and social care on a more sustainable footing, particularly in the case of patients suffering from dementia.

The number of people living with dementia in the UK will double over the next 20 years to 1.6M and the cost of the social care required is expected to treble.

The Company’s “Smart Socks’ technology is the result of EPSRC-funded research, and the MVP which was funded by Alzheimer’s Society and Innovate UK, will enter trials with 25 dementia and learning disability organisations from April.

Management now seeks an investment of £500K to commercialise their proven technology for detecting unobserved/uncommunicated distress in people living with conditions such as dementia, learning disabilities and autism.

Health and safety
Market Sector: Workplace Health & Safety

Wearable, ergonomic, manual-handling injury reduction technology

Having to ‘man-handle’ large/heavy objects in the workplace causes injuries that require an average absence of 19 workdays per year in the UK alone.

This Company’s manual-handling, injury reduction technology, encompasses wearable sensors that can be attached to worker's workwear, together with software that provides real-time alerts to enable injury prevention. A patent is pending in the UK and worldwide.

The MVP has been successfully validated by major companies in the rail and water sectors.

Management now seeks an investment of £500K to achieve a TRL9, commercial product within 18 months.

Skin protection
Market Sector: Skin Protection

Sun protection delivers maximum protection for endurance sports enthusiasts.

Incorporated in 2020, this Company’s sunscreen product range has been designed for both adventurers and professional athletes, who have to deal with altitude, snow and relentless seawater environments.

Particular attention has been paid to the price points in this very competitive space in order to create something that is affordable to a wider market, whilst maintaining a premium product performance.

After considerable laboratory and real-world testing, a range of products has been developed using carefully selected sun protection ingredients and is now ready to take to market.

A further 3 products are scheduled for launch by the end of the year.

Management is seeking funding of £150K to launch and market the range.