Entrepreneur Resources

This page contains a number of resources we recommend to entrepreneurs preparing their business proposition packs, as well as our terms of business. Please do review these resources to make sure you are making the most of your efforts and effectively engage with investors.

The Fund Raising Process

To raise funds you will follow a three phase process

1. Prepare and submit a business proposition

You can send your propositions to us. You can speak to Peter Eales on 0843 532 9777 or email us.

What should you send?

  1. 5-year detailed financials, in spreadsheet format and a one-page summary sheet. You can find this just below, in the section "The One Page Summary - DBA Template " - it gives an overview of your offer to our investors.
  2. We also need to see your Business Plan - again see advice below - which normally includes financials i.e. cashflows, P&L and Balance Sheet.


What about a deck? An investor deck to present to investors such as this one recommended by Innovate UK. it is ideal to excite investor interest. Frank Guinn a highly experienced investor, Vice-Chair DBA and Chairman of our Screening Committee for Business Pitches says:

"Both personally as an investor and when acting on behalf of our DBA investors, a deck serves as an elevator pitch. It's a teaser if you like, giving an overview of the business in perhaps 10 slides or so. But for me or our investors to consider investing, or for DBA to put the business forward to our investors, there needs to be a Business Plan. A Business Plan with a detailed, quantified description, with smart objectives on what the business aims to do."

See below for more templates and ideas for Business Plans.

Your Business Plan should include the key points covered in the Pitching Checklist, these are essential points that investors want to know about any investment they may consider. Your accountant, lawyer, Finance Director or other professional advisers may help you to produce this information.

All this will enable our screening team to understand immediately if there is or is not potential. Peter Eales one of our founder directors and General Manager forwards this information to Frank Guinn our Vice Chairman to review. Frank will contact you to say if we would like to short-list your pitch for one of our events - either face to face or online - or if we have more questions for you.


We run pitch events throughout the year. Our Review Panel, Chaired by Frank Guinn chooses 5 pitches about 5 weeks before each event. So you need to factor this into your plan submission timing. The dates for events can be found on our events page here.

We are part of the Government and regulatory body respected UKBAA network, so your information is safe with us.

2. Present at one of our pitch events

Prepare a compelling summary to give us, in 10 to 15 minutes, a description of the investment opportunity. You may find this Pitching Checklist useful to help structure your presentation.

3. Follow-up and due diligence

If one or more investors are interested, you will be asked to provide detailed business plans, including financials and marketing plans.

The One Page Summary - DBA Template

We would also like you to complete and submit the Summary Sheet, which gives the Screening Committee a quick overview of your Company and your offer to our members.

What investors want to hear

Here are a few videos that highlights what we like to get from entrepreneurs in our pitch events. This is relevant for the formal pitch, but see below for your elevator pitch, also relevant for covering the room before and after the event. This article might be helpful in preparation for your pitch.

Business Plan
When investors show interest in the proposition then a full Business Plan will be required. There are plenty of business plan templates online, e.g. samples produced by BPlans.
Here is a Business Plan Template from GOV.UK
And here is a Business Plan Guide from UK Business Angels Association, UKBAA our Trade Body here

Marketing Plan
There are plenty of sources for putting your Marketing Plan together. Here is a Marketing Plan Mind Map to guide you through the steps.

Our Terms of Business to Present at Pitch Events

The presentation fee to pitch at one of our Investors' dinner events is £150. Additionally DBA charge 5% of the funds raised which is payable upon completion of the fund-raising round.

The Fund Raising Process

Your information is presented on the assumption that those viewing it have self certified as either High Net Worth Individuals or Sophisticated Investors under the FSMA 2000 guidance. Under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended 2005) investors must "self-certify" by meeting simple criteria as "high net worth" or "sophisticated" investors. If you are an investor please refer to our statement about the act on our About Us page.

The resources on this website are provided without us giving advice. Whilst this information is provided in good faith, Dorset Business Angels Ltd accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any loss incurred as a result of using these resources. Any use you make is made entirely at your own risk and no representative of/or Dorset Business Angels  will be held responsible for any loss suffered.

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