The Angel Investor Journey from a startup to IPO

Here is the investment process, steps, due diligence, what to do, likely problems, opportunities, ROI, and timescales. And a great way to do this is watching and listening to people who have done this, investors and entrepreneurs. Videos here taken from our Dorset Business Angels November 2017 Investors’ Conference.

Beginning of the Journey

Peter Cowley – ‘Best Angel Investor in the World 2017’ ‘What I wished I’d known a decade ago!’

Enjoy his video here.

Some key points in the video include, invest in people first not the plan. People with “high growth ambitions”.
Peter invests in at least 2 people, 3 works not 4. A UK Company. Local enough for you to travel to. Have your own board or a trusted Non Exec Director.

Processes for the Journey – Don McQueen

Don explains how to look for opportunities, audit them before investing, documentation, working with businesses and the ongoing relationships – video

How to Avoid Getting it Wrong as an Investor – Justin Levine

Avoid seeing your cash vaporize. Minimise the downside. Invest, do not speculate. How do we find the right investment? Justin shares data on what % of angel investments end up in what situation for example 50% go out of business, 20% sale to a larger company. Are there ways of minimising risk, or getting money out before a liquidation event? Enjoy his video.

Exit Lessons for Investors Case Study from RocketRoute co-founder – Kurt Lyall

A co-founder, seven years invested in my company. An aviation company finding the fastest way to fly through the air with his company. He started with small aircraft we moved up to business jets. As a founder you don’t have luxury of 25 investments, you have a portfolio of one investment, one your company. Watch and listen to his story here.


Our Pitch Events

There are four pitch events per year, in 2024 they will be held in February, May, September and November. Hosted at a Bournemouth hotel or virtually via Zoom.

At each pitch event, there will be 5 business presentation pitches of 10-15 minutes, to suit all investor appetites. These will be selected by the Dorset Business Angels directors nearer to the event. Short summaries will be posted to our Events page and distributed via our newsletter ahead of the event. Each pitch includes a Q&A session and is followed by an investor debate, held privately.

These pitches and our other social events are ideal opportunities for networking and learning about what is new and trending in a variety of industries. If you would like to be involved you can find out more on our Investors Membership page.

Our Next Pitch Event

Takes place on February 5th 2024 and is open to Members and High Net Worth/Sophisticated Investors from our wider community. 

Registration is open now - click here.

2024 Pitch Events

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